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Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Thematic Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (SREV)

Article 1: Competitive Exhibitions.

In accordance with Article 1.4 of the General Regulations of the F.I.P. for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (GREV), these Special Regulations have been developed to supplement those principles with regard to Thematic Exhibits. Also refer to Guidelines to Thematic Regulations.

Article 2: Competitive Exhibits

A thematic collection, of which the exhibit is a part, develops a theme according to the plan, demonstrating the best thematic and philatelic knowledge through the items chosen.

The dynamic and imaginative application of such knowledge results in the best possible selection and arrangement of the material and accuracy of the relevant thematic text.

Article 3: Principles of Exhibit Composition

3.1. A thematic exhibit uses all types of related appropriate philatelic material. Non philatelic items cannot be admitted.

3.2.1 The Plan

A thematic exhibit comprises the following thematic elements:

The plan defines the structure of the collection and of the exhibit, and its subdivision into parts. It has to be correct, logical and balanced, and cover all aspects related to the title. Furthermore, it has to be fully consistent with the title chosen and should completely be structured according to thematic criteria.

The plan may:

A plan based on a classification by issuing date, country or other geographical criteria, type of material, is not considered acceptable.

The plan must be presented in a page at the beginning of the exhibit. It should detail the contents of the collection, its subdivisions, and the size of the chapters shown.

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3.2.2 The Development

The development means the elaboration of the theme in depth, aiming to achieve a creative and/or original elaboration of the same in full compliance with the plan.

Depth of development can be obtained only through a detailed analysis and synthesis of each aspect of the theme. Creativity means the personal development of new themes; orginality means new aspects or new approaches of and to known themes.

The elaboration utilizes the thematic information available from:

A successful development requires

The thematic text must be correct, concise and relevant, to present the items shown and ensure the necessary thematic link. 

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3.2.3 The Philatelic material

Each item must be strictly related to the chosen theme and show its thematic information in the clearest way. In the case of cancelled documents, preference will be given to genuine postal usage conforming with contemporary postal rates.

Philatelic studies, whenever included, should blend with the thematic development and the fluidity of the elaboration of the exhibit must not be affected. 

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 Article 4: Criteria for Evaluating Exhibits

The general criteria, as specified in Article 4 of the GREV, are applied according to the peculiarities of the thematic exhibits.

4.1 The criterion of plan requires the evaluation of the structure of the collection, as reflected in the exhibit.

The plan will be evaluated considering the:

4.2 The criterion of development requires the evaluation of its compliance with the plan, and of thematic research and thematic importance.

Thematic research covers:

  • the correct use of material

  • the related text

  • specific connection between the above.

Thematic importance denotes the degree of difficulty

4.3 The criterion of philatelic knowledge requires the evaluation of the general and the specific philatelic knowledge, and the philatelic importance.

General philatelic knowledge covers

Specific philatelic knowledge covers

Philatelic importance relates to the philatelic significance of the material.

4.4 Condition and rarity (ref.: GREV, Article 4.6)
4.5 Presentation (ref.: GREV, Article 4.7). 

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Article 5: Judging the Exhibits

5.1 The thematic exhibits will be judged by the approved specialists in their respective field and in accordance with the section V (Article 31 and 47 of GREX - ref.: GREV, Article 5.1).

5.2 For thematic exhibits, the following relative terms are presented to lead the Jury to a balanced evaluation (ref.: GREV, Article 5.2). [ Top ]

- Plan


- Development (Treatment) and Importance


- Philatelic Knowledge, Study and Research


- Condition and Rarity


- Presentation


Article 6: Concluding Provisions

6.1 In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation, the English text shall prevail.

 6.2 These Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Thematic Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions have been approved by the 54th F.I.P. Congress on 5th November 1985 in Rome and were revised at the 61st F.I.P. Congress in Granada on 4th May 1992. The revised regulation will be applicable as from 1st January 1995.